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A second-generation budget cassette tape player that replaced the wm-1 in 1983.

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The rotating cylinders in the walkman are not rotating. pls help!

So this is the closest thing to a walkman WM1 if you don’t know its ok.

the rotating thingies of my walkman don’t spin

Block Image

, i already lost a tape due to it not spinning, it got tangled and then we had to cut it, i loved that tape, it had used to work but then i accidentally dropped it in my bedroom on the soft floor. it worked before so i don’t know what to do, help will be appreciated. (the cassette was guardians of the galaxy 1)


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The capstans are driven by rubber belts which perish after a number of years. Whilst it is possible to obtain spares in various sizes, fitting them is likely to be very tricky.

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THX, ill see if it works

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