Last step re-attach screen how do I lock the flat flex cable in place?

I’ve already made repairs to other parts of the device. I’m in the re-assembly phase of repair. The stupid flexible flat cable connector fights me, I can get the cable in and aligned

I push the door down and the cable is pushed out. I push the cable in and the door pops up. I don’t know the terminology to explain what kind of flex cable connector it is, but it clearly has “teeth” marks that don’t pierce the cable but even and consistent marks.

I’ve checked out all of Taylor DeWitt’s guides they all do give good information the primary objective, but none of them explain why the port on this particular device is such a pain in the …. to get it to not push the cable back out when closing the door.

EDIT: Got the cable in, Used my thumb to constrain it to the case/MB then with my pointer finger reach in and push the door closed.

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