5th generation of Toyota's modern full-size sedan.

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Why my car doesn't start except I press the accelerator?

When I try starting my car, it won't start until I step the accelerator down.

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Sounds like you need to clean the Idle air control valve. It would be a good idea to clean the throttle body while your at it. This video should help . Hope this helps

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Merry Christmas!

Several car components may lead to this problem, you may diagnose each of them.

1. Check Air Filter

2. Assess Fuel Filter

3. Inspect Fuel Pump

4. Examine Compression

5. Test Throttle Body

Hope this info is helpful.

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This answer was very helpful to me. My mechanic failed, but with the answer and the aid of the YouTube video I did it myself. I did clean the idle air control valve with carburetor cleaner. Though it took a little bit of time to start.

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