Fourth generation iPhone. Repair is straightforward, but the front glass and LCD must be replaced as a unit. GSM / 8, 16, or 32 GB capacity / Model A1332 / Black and White.

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Is my logic Board dead?

Is my iPhone Logic board dead?

I dropped my iPhone in the water about 3 days ago and it got some water damage( have been 2 days with rice and silica gel bags )

Today, when i plugged my iphone into the charger, it showed the battery with the low red battery symbol with the lightning bolt underneath it. It would be on for about 30 seconds then the screen would turn off for another 30-60 seconds before showing that screen again.

Would this be the sign of a dead battery, or another problem? I'm going to leave it plugged in over night and hopefully it'll charge up.

Also, it'll show this symbol with the plug with an arrow pointing to the lightning bolt before the screen goes blank(sometimes).

And recently, it would randomly flash an all black screen every 10-20 seconds or so.


Status updated on next posts ... situation involved .

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ricardo have you actually cleaned your iphone? I believe this may be a better solution than trying to jailbreak.. it will also improve the life of your phone, at present you probably have a whole lot of corrosion going on. Rice doesn't stop that.. see my link on the last posted answer

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interesting .. but it does a good job at these things after jailbreak, so the logic board is "able" to do


oh, and a tipp, don't remove the logic board from the device during cleaning, its #^#!&%! difficult to reassemble it! believe me ;)

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hmm, very interesting. it doesn't look like a dead logic board, maybe you got flight mode on?

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Its very weird ...

With normal restore i get a message on iTunes : There is no Sim card installed in the iPhone you are apptemting to activate ".

With jailbreak i get normal screen but :

- no service

- no wifi ( option dimmed off )

- no bluetooth

- no Imei or baseband or iccid ( on about option )

- camera 100 % ok

- micro 100 % ok

- speaker 100% ok

- screen 100 % ok

- buttons 100 % ok

and i get once in a while "THIS ACCESSORY IS NOT OPTIMIZED FOR THSI IPHONE " and if i turn off teh iphone sometimes it turns alone .

i think this suggest a burned logic board at some point ..

Bad luck for me :'(

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if you think it's a hardware problem, try to clean it! unplug and replug every cable you get to without removing the lb! clean it, try ;)

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it doesn't look like a dead battery, because if its plugged in, it should do it's job fine, even without a battery.

to solve the problem I would first try to connect it to a pc, if it connects to the pc, I would try a software backup.

if this is not solving the problem, you should try to open the phone, unplug all connectors under the emi shield at the top, the 30pin connector in the center of the main board, and the battery connector. after disconnect them, you should try to clean them with alcohol. be careful with the battery, but you shouldn't have trouble with it. good luck;)

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Thank you very much for your reply .

When connect it to a Pc or Mac it doesnt detect on iTunes , just shows me the empty battery icon , i leave it for a 15 mins charge , and i dont see any progress on the battery icon like normally would happen .

So i think by your words , i should go for the cleaning with alchool and see if im lucky :/.


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Try jailbreaking it with some other software, or with the firmware that you currently have on the iPhone, not the latest. It might not be because the water damage, a couple of weeks ago I jailbroke my iPhone using latest firmware, initially having an older firmware, and it didn't have any signal, no wifi, no bluetooth. What I did is update the firmware and then jailbreak, it worked.

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yea try this!

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Im trying to restore my iphone 4 it was dropped in water. I have tried everything, like putting in rice, blow drying. After restoring and when verified by apple, it says the iphone cannot be restored. This device isn't eligible for the request build. And on the iphone screen it displays "Emergency Call" and the IMEI 'Unknown' and ICCID 'Unknown'. So, please help me dont know what to do....really need help....


Any comments ?

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you really need to clean your phone of all the debris and corrosion left by water. the corrosion may be stopping your phone from functioning fully. take a look at this guide Electronics Water Damage and use one of the guides linked on the right under the photo of the phone to open and clean the phone.. just go slow and read the guide a few times so it's all familiar before starting.

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I have opened the iPhone ... everything is dry ... to you personally think if i would open it again and clean all connectors with a product 96 or 99 % alcohol would solve the problem ? of not reading SIM , no WIFI ...

because all the other things work .

thank you for your reply.

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at the least i'd clean your sim slot.. the wifi may be a screw placement problem after you took phone apart. if the phone has been in water, cleaning may restore your imei. it may not change anything, but at the moment you've got an expensive brick.

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same goes to me. my phone dropped into water and its been cleaned but it somehow cant restore. kept getting error. the phone can only literally alive when pluged in usb but theres no image of battery or whatsoever. couldnt restore it. is it a byebye logic board or theres some other way to bring it back to life?

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