The Nintendo DS is Nintendo's seventh generation handheld game console.

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DS No Longer Working After Disassembly

I decided to open up my original DS so I could clean some dust. After cleaning the dust from inside my DS, I tried to power it on but the green light momentarily powered on for a split second along with the bottom display. I then took it apart again to make sure I plugged in every ribbon cable but when I put it all together and plugged it in, there was absolutely nothing except the speaker pop when you press the power button. I plugged my DS into the wall and tried powering it on but still experienced the same issue but with the orange charging light on. Can anyone help?

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i had the same symptoms with a incorrectly inserted wifi module. Have a try to unplug it and replug it

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You can’t remove the WiFi module on the original DS so I just unplugged and plugged the antenna to the WiFi module and it didn’t help.

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