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iMac Intel 27" EMC 2309 (Late 2009, Core 2 Duo 3.06 또는 3.33 GHz) ID iMac10,1, EMC 2374 (Late 2009, Core i5 2.66 GHz 또는 Core i7 2.8 GHz) ID iMac11,1

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Black spots on LCD and dust inside. Is it a factory defect?

I got this strange ‘dust problem’ on my Mac. In December 2009 my dream came true and I purchased new lovely Apple iMac 27”, 2.66, i5. One day I have noticed dark grey smudges on both sides of the screen (left and right). I actually didn't notice any spots until I changed the background to pure white (or any other solid color really). At first, I thought it was fingerprint smudges or something. I cleaned the entire screen and it still remains.

I contacted with Apple service and they said iMac is very sensitive to dust. They call it ‘interlaminar dust’in matrix. As time passes, dust accumulates inside the machine and irreversibly penetrates the LCD itself, causing the dark stains. They blamed environment in my room! My Mac is placed on a normal work desk with lots of space around it and not more dust then in a normal house. Not that I am surprised that iMac is very sensitive to dust but I am so woefully disappointed.

Most people believe it was a factory defect on the LCDs. The only trouble they say is how to convince Apple Service to make a replacement of LCD under Apple repair program. They say if you pushy enough might get lucky and Apple might fix it for you.

Does it sound reasonable? How likely is it that Apple will replace LCD at their expense?

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You're a wise man. That's totally awesome how all Big companies are working! If everything was that easy. But I simply love Mac and I will keep on going up. Thank you so much.


I also come across this on my 27 inch iMac (late 2009). Too many people are having this problem and not all of them are heavy smokers. Apple ignores the statistics. We all love Macs, it's a real human machine. But this "environmental" excuse is like a sign on a pack of cigarette " Dust, smoking, cooking and alcohol seriously harms your Mac". May be it's true, why not? But it should be written on every Mac in LARGE LETTERS. This is obviously a design flaw or technical error or a factory defect etc regardless of  any "environmental" excuse. Apple should make a formal statement on this issue. The laws of Nature are not going to be suspended for the Apple. Let me remind them Steve Job's speech and where were the words: "Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish." May be they have become too fat and smart?

I strongly think is your GSM phone. If your GSM is ON and is so close to your system, the radiation might be the culprit. I just experienced it.

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Apple knows this is a factory defect. Keep going up the ladder. Ask for a supervisor then a manage. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Call every day, ask for a warranty exception. After all you bought this great machine because of Apples reputation for quality and their great service policy. Ask for the name of the head of customer satisfaction.

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Thanks for your comment. Apple has traditionally been the best company I have ever seen about customer service. But like any company they need to have as few recalls as possible. The more popular recalls are listed in the lower right hand corner on Apple's support site under "Product Programs": http://www.apple.com/support/

There are other programs that are not listed and some that only run for a period of time. The regular contributors here are pretty well up on these recalls but we find new or existing ones every once in a while. Some problems take a class action suit like the www.nvidiasettlement.com. Apple covers that one without question but it probably gets charged back to Nvidia. We're seeing a lot of problems with the new 24" and 27" screens right now and I expect there will be a recall soon as it's probably a third party supplier. Keep checking back with us. I's also like to know how you fare on getting yours fixed. Thanks

I too have experienced the so called "black spots" on my 27" iMac. I was two days after warranty expired and Apple said it was out of my pocket to fix it? $700 for a new screen. I own enough apple products to make someone go crazy and still no resolution for my smudgy screen. I am a full time designer and the smudges are really a headache on projects that utilize Illustrator and Photoshop with a white canvas. I am going to take the advice of "Mayer" and see what I can accomplish. I will post if there is any resolution. If anyone else out there has this issue and is out of warranty I would love to hear what you have been told by Apple and if you have any resolutions!

Thanks for any feedback on this!!!

First of all remarkable and realistic brightness of all-in-one widescreen iMac display was a major factor in my choice of this very product of Apple. I have lots of Apple soft and toys. In May I brought iMac to the local Apple authorised Service Provider in Moscow to investigate this problem. Diagnostics shows clearly that the display is faulty and must be replaced (the accumulation of dust between the layers of the matrix). The total cost of repairs exceeds $ 1,300 including a new LCD and repair work. In my case I can prove the defect is not caused by poor operation environment or misuse of the computer as described in support information that came with my iMac for instructions (iMac Late 2009, Chapter 5). Therefore, I am firmly convinced that I shall not be liable for damages, and I will ask Apple to consider free replacement of defective LCD. I'll be writing a formal complaint to Apple and keep going up the ladder. Stay in touch.

This was my experience also with two identical iMacs used in the same room, purchased at the same time, from the same store in Bangkok. While trying to blame me for the splotches, I could not agree with them or substantiate their claims. Non smoker, house cleaned daily, airconditioned room etc. Wasn't till I requested an address to make an official complaint that they pushed me up the line and a senior person in Australia approved the LCD replacements. Only this once though! I was even-tempered, polite and reasonable the whole time.

My splotches seemed to appear in the locations where, I expect, one would hold the LCD as it is being installed, so maybe fingerprint grease is being left on the LCD and the dust accumulated there (my machines had max ram and hdds installed at purchase).

Since the new LCDs, from the official repair place in Bangkok, it is starting to occur again, in the same locations.

Is there anything official from Apple regarding this being a factory defect? Would be nice to have that in writing.

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I had this issue with my iMac about a year and half ago. The machine wasn't covered under Apple Care, but I figured I'd contact support to see if it was a factory defect. After a few calls back and forth with phone support, they asked me to bring it to one of the local service centers to have a technician inspect the display.

Ultimately, I was told that the display does in fact suffer from a manufacturing defect. The casing of the display itself isn't properly sealed. If moisture is able to get in, the minerals within the moisture become "stuck" between the multiple layers of the LCD.

Apple decided to replace the display at no charge, despite the fact that the machine was not covered under Apple Care. I was told that the original defect had been resolved, and the new display would not suffer from the same issue.

Unfortunately, a few months later, the dark spots started to appear again. Luckily, I moved soon after and the machine is kept in an area with significantly less ambient moisture. For now, everything seems to be stable, as the dark spots haven't gotten any worse over the past year or so.

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I Too Have 2 iMacs both Mid 2011 i5 27" and both have this issue - One is in my living room the other is in the office at work.

I saw this and signed it


it looks like apple is getting a lot of bad publicity of the iMac Grey Marks on screen issue.

Good luck to everybody i hope you get it sorted

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Did Apple ever issue a recall for "this obvious design flaw"?

  1. Just wondering if any of you above posters got any satisfaction.
  2. I am also wondering if Apple ever did the right thing, and issued a recall?

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it means your lcd 's led are bruns and its unable to repair . if this got u trouble more you have to change lcd screen from your monitor.


Ashwani shahi.

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You can clean matrix inside.

Cleaning screen

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I've had this problem for several years. A friend with the same problem told me a few months ago that it was due to dust. I looked up several posts on the problems on how to fix it, and ordered some metallic tape to reseal the screen. I was not able to get to it right away. The funny thing is, after being present near the middle of my screen for several years, the spots/splotches have suddenly migrated almost completely off! Nothing had changed in the interim (no change in environment, cleanliness, never any smoke, etc.) They are now at the top right corner of my screen, but at least now they will not interfere with editing of photos.

I was not looking forward to taking the screen apart, but I guess I will hold onto the tape for a while.

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I have my spots at the upper right and left corner of a screen. They don't interfere with my work and entertainment media. I won't risk to disassemble the screen in such case.

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