Need help identifying burned capacitor on MacBook Pro 13 Late 2011


A couple of months ago I changed battery on my macbook pro 13 late 2011 and since i opened it i managed to change thermal paste on processor (which became hard like a stone).

Before closing it I run it opened and did a little stress test to see if everything worked fine, and it worked, but once I closed and restarted it I heard a POP and smelled something burned.

Then I heard the chime and noticed the screen remained white: no backlight issues, since I can still adjust the “amount of white” but nothing appears on screen.

The computer still works, during these months I used it as a desktop workstation attached to an external monitor, but now that I have a bit of a spare time I thought it is time to try to fix it.

It seems like there are a broken capacitor and a missing capacitor nearby the lvds connector, I gave a look at the blueprint but I’m not sure of what capacitors are they.

Can you help me recognize them? Do you think I need to replace the connector too?


Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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can you circle the components you mean and the model number 820-

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looks like quite a bit of damage. Once cleaned, post some more pictures to re-evaluate the damage. Right now this is what I show:

Block Image

Reference designator L9008 is a 120 ohm 0.3A inductor in a 0402 package

Reference designator C9010 is a 0,001uF 50V 10% capacitor in a 0402 package

Reference designator C9015 is a 0.001uF 50V 10% capacitor in a 0402 package

Reference designator L9004 (missing?) is a 120 ohm 1.5A inductor in a 0402 package

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I'd add U9000 to the shopping list too :)

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You didn’t loose a cap you lost a resistor/inductor!

But before we worry about that you’ll need to clean the area as I suspect you had a short which also damaged the logic board traces. Carefully wipe the area with 85% isopropyl alcohol and take a second pic.

You also need to figure out what is shorted

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