Toshiba Satellite E45T-B4204 Power up Issue

I have a Toshiba Satellite E45T-B4204 that I am working on. I have a baffling situation. The laptop originally had liquid spilled on the keyboard. The unit was powering up but the keyboard was not working. I disassembled it and replaced the keyboard.

After reassembling it, and powering up the device the power light goes on for 1 second and the fan spins for a second and then it powers off.

I thought maybe the mainboard was the issue so I purchased a replacement, but the same problem is happening.

The battery appears to be charging when its plugged in, but the unit will not power on long enough to for the boot-up sequence to happen.

The only thing left I can think of is the power switch is faulty, or the dc adapter.

I tested the DC adapter with a multi-meter and its showing 19 volts.

I ordered a replacement power switch and see if that fixes it but I wanted to see if anyone had any other ideas.

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