Home theater receivers by Marantz.

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Marantz SR-60 Receiver amplifier

Hi There,

I got a Marantz SR-60 tuner and amplifier that started to blow the 1.25 amp fuse on the power switch and supply board.

Is there a way of getting a board like this, the spec number on the board is:P904 yk058j1 52-2.

When you turn on the unit, it goes on pre-on then, if you turn the unit on and off a few times it just blows the fuse. Not sure it would be the mauve, the board or the fuse.

Would anyone have an idea of what's causing the problem.



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It sounds like bad caps or a bad powersupply. Here is the service manul. Take a look and check it out. If you can not get a whole new logic board, all the components are listed, so you should have no trouble fixing it. Good Luck

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I have SR60 , with one channel intermittent disorted sound, what the cause ? can I have the service manual. thanks

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you can contact me by email, my address is in my user profile. I may still have it....;-)

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