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Looking for good value VPN software

Due to the amount of research I do on iFixit Answers I get an unbelievable number of email adds, pop ups and phone calls for all these products I look at. I’d really like to cut down on this but don’t want to loose my browser history. So I am looking for a good value on some VPN software for Macintosh to help limit some of these emails, pop ups and phone calls. Have any of you have experience with this type of software?

There’s a whole bunch to choose from:

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맥북 배터리 수리 키트

기본 가격은 $69.99

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맥북 배터리 수리 키트

기본 가격은 $69.99

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I have been using PIA for about 5 years now, very good. I mostly use open VPN for the client but apparently their new inhouse software works better now

this is an aff link

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