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MacBook Air still working after liquid damage but with weird problems

Hello everyone, I have a strange problem with my MacBook Air late 2010: after falling of the liquid above the keyboard at the beginning the pc has stopped working, but repeatedly pressing the power button has turned on, but from that moment that button has stopped working.Now to turn it on use the pin under the macbook.The macbook turns on (without pressing any key) but in temporary mode, where it works but all the animations are very slow (for example to open and close a window the process it is very long and slow). Turning on the computer instead pressing the command + D keys (to start the temporary mode), the pc starts in normal mode and works perfectly until you perform more complex operations where the part above the keyboard is it heats up a lot and the computer starts to have the problems in the animations described above but restarting it always with command + D restarts to work normally.In addition some keys if they do not work anymore. Now I wonder, just change the keyboard to make it work normally?

Thanks for the answers and I apologize for my bad english.

I apologize for not having written initially: the damage to the macbook air occurred about 2 years ago, and lighting it sporadically and to date the situation is not improved or worsened.

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Nobody can tell for sure what’s wrong with your Mac without testing but I’d give for granted the keyboard needs to be replaced. On top of that, the 2010 Air has no backlight sheet either, therefore it’s very likely some liquid dripped over the logic board and damage will probably extend with time until it won’t work properly anymore..signs of damage are already in your description. The Macbook probably needs technical assistance, but if you want to try doing it yourself replace keyboard and try to clean the board as described in the following guide:

MacBook water damage - The definitive guide

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Thanks for the answer, I apologize for not having written in the initial question that the damage to the macbook air occurred about 2 years ago, and lighting it sporadically and to date the situation is not improved or worsened. I apologize again for not mentioning it in the original post

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@fracristoforo Not a problem but a 2 years old spill changes a bit the picture if the spill was not taken care of. I've seen Macs with older damage where the corrosion had left just a tiny bit of solder or a small remain of a component pin that got finally broken by the cleaning. Be aware there's a risk in touching the board, can't really say more without inspection. Keyboard is most probably shortened and takes you into safe mode by default, hence the slow graphics.

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Thank you, i'll try to disconnect the keyboard and boot the device to see if it works before change it.

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