Why is my SMOK G150 not charging or turning on?

I have a SMOK G150, purchased brand new from a smoke shop. I let a friend of mine (tech) borrow it and he added some new items to it. Nonetheless, after a few weeks of not using it, i decided to use it again. I charged it (because I KNOW it was dead) for the normal charge time, but as soon as I removed it from the USB… IT DIED! I charged it again and the ENTIRE system was too hot to touch! I unplugged and waited and used a different charger.

To make a long story short, basically, my mod wouldn’t charge, hold a charge or TURN ON in any scenario. I’ve hit the reset button for 10 seconds and got the screen to come on, but now, it just wont do anything. Any suggestions or possible theories?


(Also, when it’s “turning on” it says v1.1.1; could my firmware being out of date be a contributing issue as well?)

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