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tristar - not charging - irregular voltage

HI Everyone, , Hi @refectio SIR..

I have and 6s plus in repair, with charging problem (not water damage)

I check everything (cable connector ecc ecc)

I change tristar but the problem is same.

I change also u2300 , but the porblem remain. Iphone doesn’t recognize cable.

The 5 volt and 1 volt SDRAM is OK.

I try to putout the tristar and mesaur voltage on the TRACK (UNDER IC) and i have 2 volt instead 3.

I try the same thing, with two capicitor c4500 and c4501 same voltage (2 volt)

Anybody have any suggestion plz


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have you tried to change cables? use an apple certified lightning cable or adapter? change outlets? update firmware?

check out this forum:

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also, if the display is working, what error message are you receiving? what is the message stating? are you using iTunes? what cable is not being recognized? this question is kinda vague on the sole issue.

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If you only have 2V on PP3V0_TRISTAR, then you need to find the reason why. You could have a partially shorted capacitor on that line. You will need to inspect every part on that line and if everything looks okay, then you will have to remove them one by one until you find the bad part.

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Thanks a lot @refectio SIr..

Infect one cap in shorted..

Thanks again and have a nice day SIR :)

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