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2015년 3월에 발표, 2015년 4월 10일에 출시된 Galaxy S6 Edge는 Samsung의 최신 주력 스마트폰 곡선형-스크린 버전입니다.

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Isopropanol vs Oled/LCD and battery?

I’ve been repairing phones for quite some time now, some repairs that still gets my heart beating a little bit faster is battery replacements on most of the Samsung phones from the S series. I usually use heat to loosen the glue from the battery, what i’m wondering is if i can use some isopropanol in the gaps to make the process faster and less stressfull on the battery by bending.

Does the Isopropanol break the Oled screen underneath the battery if they make contact or will the iso kill the battery, or maybe both?

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iFixit uses acetone. I use methanol drawn up in a syringe to inject it under the battery. No heat needed.

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So basicly, some Isopropanol will probably not damage either the screen or battery?

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No, Isopropanol has 30% water in it. Use a pure product and sparingly just under the battery where the adhesive is..

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