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A1707 - Blacklight Flicker


Just picked up a 2nd User 15” MacBook Pro with Touch Bar (A1707).

I’ve just noticed it sometime seem to go though a state of the blacklight flickering for a minute of so. More when I’m moving the Device (carrying) however if I change the brightness it will flicker for a second. Its not all the time. Just the odd now and then.

Anything I should be worried about?

Update (02/01/2019)

Additionally. I’ve turned off Auto Adjust Brightness and that seem to have stopped the issue. If that help? Is it a know problem?

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Does tapping on the lid make it happen? Is the angle of the lid effect it as well?

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Does the whole backlight flicker or do certain areas such as the bottom flicker?

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The whole screen.

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I read an article a few days ago about a possible hardware issue with the newer macbook pro's that causes this, because of the way the cable for the video and backlight is bent. It's been dubbed "flex gate".

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Hi. Sorry for the late reply. The whole screen flickers and after a bit of testing it's is something to do with the "Automatic Backlight Adjustment" turn that off and the problem seems to go away. With it on, if you move it just seems to be quickly/rapidly adjust the backlight.

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Ah, ok. There is a cable that controls that I believe and it's an easy repair. Let me see if I can find more info about that.

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