Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017)은 Galaxy A 시리즈의 중급 스마트폰입니다. Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) 및 A7 (2017)은 2017년 2월 함께 Samsung이 공개하였습니다.

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Urgent! Forgotten Phone Password, can't reset!

My sister has forgotten the password for her phone - a Samsung Galaxy A3, code SM-A320FL - and we have tried to perform a factory multiple times, but to no avail. They all say to turn off the phone either by using the power button or removing the battery. However, this type of phone does not have a removable back, and her phone must have the password entered to turn it off. If anyone can help then that would be amazing, thank you very much!

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My android phone allows power off without the password by simply holding the power button about 10 seconds. Not sure if that is a configurable setting anywhere. My phone is Moto so may be different than Samsung but I doubt it.

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