Apple은 2015년 3월 9일에 Retina MacBook 2015 모델 A1534를 4월 10일에 출시한다고 발표하였습니다. 새로운 유니바디 구조 및 업데이트 된 트랙 패드, 키보드, 그리고 Retina 화면을 포함합니다.

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Screen "Sync" Issues - Small horizontal lines


As you can see from the pictures, the display is almost skipping horizontal lines of pixels, and offsetting them 3 or 4 rows (The moire is from my camera). Also, if the screen’s brightness has enough contrast, there are vertical brightness bars visible, depending on what it’s displaying. At times, the very top of the menu will appear at the bottom - underneath the dock.

There is no display or brightness flickering or wiggling. The severity of the lines can change if I restart the device or wait long enough.

I’ve browsed the other posts, disassembled it and tested the display connections as well as pushed around the screen bezel, with no reproducible changes in the display. No signs of drop or water damage.

Somewhat grasping for straws here… I’m trying hard to avoid “buy a new display” but, y’know…

Let me know! Thanks in advance.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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Provided that you’ve tried to re-seat the displays cable and the issue hasn’t improved, I’d recommend you first attempt to connect the machine to an external monitor to see if the graphic anomalies carry over to a different output source.

If the distortion carries through, this is a GPU issue, which would require a Logic Board replacement.

If the issue appears to be exclusive to the internal display you have currently, you will need to replace the internal display unit unfortunately.

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It works perfectly when connected to an external display. I'm sorry I left that out originally.

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Then the internal display is damaged. You'll need to replace it MacBook 12" Retina (Early 2015-2017) Display Assembly.

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Ok, sad news... thank you for your expertise!

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Those images are due to a bad display cable. Requires a new screen as the cable is manufacturers together with the screen making it non replaceable.

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It's so crazy that a bad display cable forces these retina macs to have the entire screen replaced.. Hardly feels worth it when I can get a used functioning one for $650 on ebay :-(

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