Announced in August 2017년 8월에 발표된 Galaxy Note8을 회수된 Galaxy Note7의 후속 모델입니다. Note8은 대중이 구매할 수 있도록 2017년 9월에 공개되었습니다.

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Took Screen off first and fear permanent damage

I destroyed my screen. Utterly ruined, So i decided that it would be a relatively easy replacement and descided to take it apart.

My screen was so damaged it had ridged on the side, and when i heated up the back so did i the the ridges of the screen, and pried to the screen apart when i intended to take off the back. I have no Ccamera to take to show to what stage im at with the phone, and I only work on analog edlectronics to a novice degree to my knowledge about digital is scant.

I suppose I can see what i can only presume to be the battery. With a yellow measuring like thing to the side….

am I &&^&@@?

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Uhhh yea help me pls

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Did you look at any guides prior to repair? With your description, it’s hard to tell at what stage you are. When you started the repair, did you start from the front or the back of the phone. See the guide below.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Display Replacement

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I took the phone apart from the front. Every layer of the screen I took off.

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It's hard to tell what damage has been done without pictures, especially when removing the screen from the front. Applying too much heat can damage the mainboard and battery as well. At this point, does there seem to be any damage to the mainboard or anything connected to the mainboard other than the screen?

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