The right side of my headphone isn't working

I have the e50bt headphones but there hasn’t been a device made for them yet so due to similarities I have just put it in this category.

I tried to start taking apart the right ear cup to examine the issue, however I have little to no idea how to take off the rest of it. I currently have taken off the speaker, however fail to take off the piece under it. For anyone who have taken these headphones apart, I’d appreciate some guidance since there aren’t any. Is it just prying it open or is there some technique to it.

Thanks for the help :)

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Purely guessing here, but I would suggest prying at any slight gap or crack you can see. The jimmy (Jimmy) is an excellent tool for that. If you succeed in getting any movement at all it will help you see where the sticking point is. Also, search for screws hidden underneath any kind of stick-on covering. You may be able to feel them by running a fingertip over the covering. If still no luck, take a few close-up photos and add them to your question. Someone may then be able to suggest the answer.

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