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The JBL Charge 4 is a waterproof, Bluetooth capable speaker that additionally functions as a portable charger for smartphones. It is identifiable by its model number: CHARGE4S.

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JBL Charge 4 speaker suddenly stops playing sound

My JBL Charge 4 bluetooth speaker was working fine until it suddenly stopped playing sound (even the ones it plays when it turns on, off, etc.). I don’t know what could’ve caused this since I don’t use the speaker on max volume. Speaker was charged and it connects fine, hasn’t gotten extremely wet either.

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Jbl started having severe noise distortion and all of a sudden just stopped playing or making sounds at all. No power up or power down sound even though it seems to be connected to my phone. It is fully charged and brand new. Any advice?

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Same problem with mine, though no noise distortion before it fell silent suddenly. It was playing normally, then suddenly nothing. No power up or power down sounds, no connect sounds though it is connecting. Nothing. Pretty much still new. What’s the problem here?

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Try powering on yourJBL Charge 4 first and wait for the LED indicator to turn on. Then try holding down the play/pause button and the volume up button up to 20 seconds and that should factory reset your device. Then try again and see if it makes sound.

I personally have a JBL Xtreme and I’ve had similar problem and factory reset fixed mine. Hopefully it works for you too.

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