Microsoft's third-generation Xbox game console, released November 22, 2013.

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Can the modem but upgraded

My son wants to increase his speed on his xbox one. I have told him how to get better internet speed working with the prover but wanted to know if the wi-fi card can be upgraded. Or are there other ways of kicking the processor speed up on this baby.

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There isn’t much that you can do with the VCR size Xbox One :-(. The main problem with these is the dedicated Kinect core that was locked out from anything else but a failed accessory. You’re stuck on this one, as it was done at the hardware level (but removed on the S because it’s a hardware revision).

The S and X doesn’t have this problem with the CPU. You can usually find the S for $250, give or take. Go for the 1TB even if you don’t need it now. You’ll be thankful when a game comes out that tests the 500GB consoles, if they’re even still sold. I know this isn’t the best advice for this site, but sometimes you can’t avoid having to tell someone this.

The WiFi card is non-upgradeable. The S/X cards are completely different. He can try using Ethernet, but it doesn’t free up the Kinect dedicated core on the processor - which is the most severe issue with the original.

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Hey, Nick, thanks for the advice. I know nothing about these things I haven't had time for games in years but just trying to help out my son. Is the S that much better than the one?

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The One X is the one you want if you can afford it, but it's signifigantly more expensive then the S.

The S is marginally improved, but that's mainly because of the freed up CPU core (gained by dropping the hardware Kinect port and requiring the adapter). It's noticeable, but not as big as you'd think since it's a slightly faster revision with a newly available CPU core and a mild overclock.

That said, the S is priced accordingly so if it's bad enough he's tired of it, it's an affordable upgrade. Someone I know has the VCR One and I told them to pass unless they want the X because of how marginal it is and they're still okay with the VCR model's hardware limitations. If he knows anyone with an S, tell him to test it for himself and see if it makes sense to upgrade.

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@nick I have no idea what an S or K is. My son said the new one was about $600. All I know about is Macs. What is the best value on a budget?

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If he's just looking to upgrade because of how limited the original is, the S 1TB is (generally) the better choice and is far more affordable. It isn't expensive like the X and it's still a much better overall system.

The X starts at $400, but varies depending on the game bundle.

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@nick Thanks so much for your expertise on this! I'll ley him know.

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