Tonka 3343 Mighty Motorised Forklift truck not working

I received a 3343 Mighty Motorised Forklift Truck that does not work. Upon pulling the toy apart I found two unconnected wires near the on off main switch. These wires are a purple wire and a white wire and they both have very clean ends with no apparent solder residue . I am wondering if someone could possibly help advise me where these wires belong. Regards

Update (03/03/2019)

Here are some images ;

Block Image


Block Image

Block Image

Block Image


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Please share photos


Can you follow where the wires go back to?

That may give a clue as to their function.

If it doesn't turn on at all you may have to start at the beginning from the Power supply +ve terminal and trace where the wire goes next, usually it goes via a switch to the control board. The -ve terminal from the battery supply should also appear at the control board.

An Ohmmeter may be the best way to trace and verify the wiring especially if there are the same coloured wires in the loom.

It's no fun fault finding in a device without the aid of the circuit diagram, you end up drawing up a circuit diagram as you're tracing the wiring, just to find out where everything goes and what it does.

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