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4세대 iPhone. 수리는 간단하지만 앞면 유리와 LCD를 하나의 유닛으로 교체해야 합니다. GSM / 8, 16 또는 32GB 용량 / Model A1332 / 검정 또는 흰색.

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Outgoing sound (internal and optional mic) drops out on iPhone 4

Hi Guys!

This one is probably for an iPhone 4 expert.

The problem:

Outgoing sound (my voice), suddenly and unprovoked, drops out during calls. There is a small static sound, and sound is gone. The person in the other end goes "Hello, hello.." and then hangs up.

This will happen no matter what mic is used. I tried all 4 sources:

Main mic (bottom right)

Speakerphone mic (located in headset jack) Bluetooth

And of course, an ordinary minijack headset

Solutions already tried:

1. If I bump the bottom of the phone on a table, or another hard surface, sound will be back for a while, but usually not for long.

2. I have tried to change the docking module, with the standard mic attached to it = NO LASTING CHANGE!

3. I have tried to take the phone apart and assemble again = NO LASTING CHANGE

Both solutions seemed to work for 30 min or so. Then, sound gone again!

I have tried to "irritate" the jack plug, to see if it was stuck somehow, but it didnt seem to change anything.

I have checked all ribbon cable connectors with a microscope, and they seem fine. I could understand, if it was in the big dock-connector at the SIM tray that was causing this, but the coming and going of sound, with bumping the phone don't lead my suspicion to a bad connection in that sort of plug. Especially not since I changed the whole dock module, and thereby also the plug.


It records LONG memos without any problem, so the problem has to be in the "transmission/sending" part of the phone, rather than in the "mic department".

Unfortunately, I bought this phone 2'nd hand, and didn't get a reciept so warranty exchange is not an option. Futhermore, I had in laying on my shelf for a month before I got around to use it, so it's useless to complaint to the previous owner (who, I am pretty sure, knew about this problem, based on the fact that the problem is constant and persistant).

I REALLY hope some iPhone expert can help, as this seems to be a problem that seems hard to solve.

Thanks in advance!

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Hello! Did anybody end up getting this fixed? I've been having the exact same problem and it's been driving me crazy. I'm also in the same boat in that the Recording program works without fault, but only on calls will it drop out. I called my landline to test and it will cut in and out.

Does anyone know any repair centers for this kind of issue in the MA area or via mail order elsewhere in the US?

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Seems you need to reball the IC...


Check that out and see if it works for u, I got the same problem!

Please contact me in randy.castilla@gmail.com

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Hi Randy

Thanks for your reply.. Well, my phone does not distort, and the sound comes on and off as described, but it could VERY well be the problem, but I am not sure what to think.

I just watched the video again, and I am sure that this operation is out of my "technical league". I thought of calling Francis, on the number shown, as I don't know of anybody re-balling here in little Denmark. Thanks for your suggestion, but I guess I have to actually get the compiler reballed before I can accept answer, or how does that work?

Kind Rgds, Kasper

So what happened? Did you check that link I posted before?

Check it out! I think thats the only solution!

I have the same Problem, and it seems to get worse, last 3 Days..... I'm on a call and 5 Mins. into the Call, the Voice drops out. My Voice drops off the send channel and I only hear the other side. They can no longer hear me. When I call back, (and Multiple Different recipients) they can no longer hear me. I kept rebooting the iPhone 4, and it would work for 5-10 Minutes, then drop out again. All VOIP Applications, like Skype or Fring work fine, clear 2-way communications, but only the iPhone Voice Software drops the Mic. I believe the "Phone" functionality in iPhone is just a software application, and not a hardware function, in that sense. I walked the Phone into a local Vodafone Shop and they went through some Diagnostics and pointed at the software "switch" for the Mute Button (Ear touch) or the "switch" for the external Mic, and Headphones lead, (which I don't use), etc... So I'm back to square 1, and just upgraded my Software to 4.3.3 (8J2) and will see if that fixes things. Will report back on this strange Phenomenon as it occurs. But, Don't break your Phone. There is nothing wrong with any Physical leads. It's all in the Software, and corrupted drivers to open / close comm channels.

Hi Carl

Thanks for your comment.. Your experience made me even more confused, as I think that it IS something physical issue, because no software I ever heard of, would respond to bumping the phone against a hard surface. I can make my MIC work again, doing this. On the other hand, I can record memos forever, so... what can I say? Very annoying problem. I think I will try to go for the solution posted by Randy, but I am having problems finding anybody doing this in my country (Denmark)! Good luck to you, and please update if you find out anything. I will do so too!

Thanks! Kind Rgds, Kasper

Hello guys, in my opinion is not hardware neither, have already changed the mics, even antennas, all work properly, but still people cant hear me nor me heard them when the communication is stablished.

Was thinking in open it and press gently but solidly the IC compiler against the motherboard before reballing but havent yet.

Still waiting for the stencil to arrive from China and then will look for someone to do the reballing, I think you cant go search for phone repairers, you must find PCB repair companies, they will perform the job.

Ah! Make sure you get the Iphone 4 stencil aswell so they can reball easily. Get it from Ebay for 4$ I think. Already ordered mine.

Let me know how it goes if any of you get to do the reballing before me!



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I have had luck with installing a shim of thick card stock over the audio compiler and reinstalling the board cover. This applies enough pressure to get the ic to work sometimes.

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me pasa que la funcionalidad del audio en todas las aplicaciones es correcto pero en las llamadas se cae la linea de mi micrófono ya que quedo escuchando del otro lado pero no me escuchan....

en ocasiones en medio del problema bajo y subo el control del volumen y en algunos casos me ha servido por un momento..... busco una solución real ya que vivo en Colombia y no encuentro respuestas.

gracias por su ayuda...

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I have noticed that you can make it work if you bend the iPhone like if you hold it in landscape mode and push the upper right corner forward, and left upper corner backward (or opposite).

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Above is all hold supported and true, your iphone is facing terminal failure due to bad audio ic.

My recommended way is to remove the back cover, heat up the audio IC area while in a speakerphone call untill you hear sound. For 10 seconds of sound, quickly blow the area with canned air and cool it down. Voila you have it worked better for longer until it recurs again. You can do that for a few times until total failure.

Thanks and good luck.

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If the microphone doesn't work in GSM calls but works in SKYPE or other applications, it is 100% the audio compiler that needs to be reballed. Reballing the audio compiler should only be done by a professional with a lot of experience. In the same area as the audio compiler is the touch ic, wifi module and the cpu is on the back side. If you use too much heat, you can damage one or all of those components. If you live in Europe, we have a 100% success rate with reballing or sometimes replacing the audio compiler. If you live anywhere in Europe, you can send your iPhone to iRepair Greece and we will repair it for you and guarantee the repair for 1 year. You can check our website for current prices.

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Follow this.. It works.


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I have the same issue and I found only hardware solution like you:

1. reball the audio compiler ic.

2. embed piece of plastic between chip and shield to fix connection between chip and motherboard by pressure.

I was looking for some software solution to get round this problem with audio compiler so calls will be performed in the same way like in case of Skype, Viber or any other app.

I think, this can be elegant solution and will help many of us who are out of warranty. Maybe this will be possible only on jailbroken devices. However I didn't find anything. If you guys find, let know world about it please.

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