Why does my 80 123 300TD Wagon body roll excessively?

I am restoring a 80 123 TD wagon. Just replaced the front steering linkages, idler arm, tie rods, drag link, steering stabilizer and wheel bearings. Just had it aligned. Rebuilt the SLS pump and rear control valve. Checked the accumulators with the soft end of a pencil eraser, the rubber is right at the entrance to the port. The car is level and the SLS is now working to keep it level. Noticed this weekend when avoiding a pothole at 45 mph, the car excessively body rolled to the point I could tell it would get out of control at a higher speed. The sway bar links are in place at the rear and the front bar is attached to the upper control arms. The tires are new goodyear touring tires. I have other 123 coupes that are quite stable with these sorts of maneuvers, so I do not understand what is causing this handling issue.

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