Analog Sticks intermittently report they are full up & right

So a couple days ago I went to ply my 360 and I couldn’t navigate the menu with the controller in question. I connected the controller to my computer with the XBOX 360 wireless receiver for windows and opened the Joystick control panel to find the controller is reporting that both analog sticks are at the full up & right position. I tried to calibrate it but it didn’t do anything. A couple hours later when I tried again, the controller functioned properly, but now it is doing it again. I don’t think it is a faulty analog stick since it is affecting both analog sticks at the same time. Any thoughts on what the issue may be? I’ve ordered an iFixit kit, since my security bits wont fit down into the holes on the controller, but once I get it open what should I be looking for?


Block Image

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