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Touch ID Not wokring After New Screen

I replaced the screen on my iphone 7 plus and now the touch ID will not work. I have read that you need to have the origional home button which I have installed and still not working. I have also read that the board may reject the new digitizer. Is there anything I can do without taking it to the manufacturer to get this touch ID to work?

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Does your old screen still function? If so, put the home button back on the broken screen to see if it still works. If it doesnt not, then it was damaged somehow during the repair. If it does work, then most likely you have a bad replacement part. I have had this happen before where the screen works perfect, but the touch id does not.

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It does still function but severly cracked. I will try and re attach it and see if the touch id works. I did buy a replacement home button but the origional and replcacement both do not work.

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Replacement home buttons will not work. Only the original one with the original logic board will work.

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just put the old screen back on with the origional home button. Now still getting a no touch ID available. Any Idea which connector is broken? its is possible to get a new connector or will I have to purchase a whole new screen?

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If you put the original screen back on with the original home button and you are still getting no touch id, then more than likely the home button flex cable was damaged. Can you upload any pics of the home button?

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