Acer entered the world of laptop computers in 1997 when it purchased Texas Instruments' mobile PC division.

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I tried switching 2 SSD drives and my Acer laptop went to blue screen

Switched between 2 SSDs from 2 laptops, my acer one started to show me the blue screen for repair after placing it in the other laptop, went back and replaced them back to their original places and still the acer’s ssd is still blue screened, tried reseting the pc with and without keeping files and fialed both.. help pleasee..

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If you are running any supported version of windows you have probably run afoul of the licensing issues discussed here:

Easiest solution is reinstalling the OS assuming you have media or perhaps your laptop has a recovery partition which would allow you to recover the OS (consult Acer’s web site to learn if that is a possibility).

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Hey, can you link me instruction to do the recovery partition, thanks for the help:)

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I don't have any ACER hardware but here is an outline of how to proceed. You will lose your files if you don't have external backups (say on DVD disks or cloud). Here is the procedure I think:

To save your data first...

You can use a live linux CD/DVD to mount the dead windows partition and then back up the stuff you want to keep using linux. This will require substantial linux skills and access to another working computer to do research on and to create your linux boot media etc. while you work through the recovery. A external USB drive to capture your files on will be handy also. This difficulty level is why data recovery services are expensive.

Here is a pretty comprehensive how to on what you will need to do to save the data....

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Yes a bit late now but if you had cloned the first drive to the second replacement drive , before physically moving them, you would not have had this problem. The recovery partirtion option, as tcagle53 suggested above, is probably the best way.

BUT do the recovery with each drive in its ORIGINAL laptop! This will likely avoid the licensing issue.

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