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1.86GHz 또는 2.13GHz 프로세서, 128GB 또는 256GB 플래시 저장공간

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want to confirm that replacing the logic board will solve my problem

I have a 13” late 2010 MBA. It was giving me some trouble, so I took into a local certified Apple service center (I live in central Mexico). Two things were identified as “fail” during their diagnostic tests. (1) Full System Diagnostic (OS) - exhibiting problems with the SSD (Drive Block Read), and (2) Full System Diagnostic (EFI) - faults during tests of the memory and SSD. They said they don’t have a source for a new logic board for my computer since it is so old.

I am assuming that I could solve these problems myself by replacing the logic board with one purchased through iFixit and replacing the SSD with one from either iFixit or OWC. Am I correct?

Also, I’m not sure which processor I currently have. The only logic board currently available for my computer through iFixit is the 1.86GHz model. Does it matter which processor I choose?

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Yes, those should solve your issues.

Are you sure their tests indicated a problem with the memory (RAM) specifically though? If it was only the SSD you wouldn’t need a logic board replacement.

Processor speed affects just that, the speed of the processor. I would say you’re probably fine with the one iFixit sells but it depends on your workload.

Honestly however, I probably wouldn’t go through with the repair, personally. ~$300 for a logic board and SSD is a lot to drop on a 2010 MBA, when you could get a 2012+ MBA for $300-$400 that will work with the latest software updates (Mojave), etc… The 2010 is pretty near its end of life in general.

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Thanks, Jonah, for your response! I'm exploring options to keep this old computer going. I don't use it for much anymore. The logic board would be $175US from iFixit, and I could get a small, 64GB SSD for $60US. Cheaper than a replacement computer.

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There's actually a lot of options on eBay, etc for a 2012 around $250 it looks like, which is only what, $15 more? But if you're in some other country or that isn't feasible for some other reason, then yes, you should be good to replace those components :) I just generally hate to recommend repairs on the more expensive side like this, on pre-2012 MacBooks as a rule.

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Your point is well taken. Like I said, I'm just exploring options. Thanks for your input!

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