flickering on all 3 HDMI sources but not when streaming?

ok I have a Samsung LED UE46ES8000 about 5 years old and lately after about 10 mins of been on the picture and the sound break up for about half a second, the longer the TV is on the more frequent it becomes and the longer the break up is, this happens on all 3 HDMI that i use HDMI 1 is cable 2 blu ray/surround sound and 3rd HDMI is xbox all 3 do the same problem, screen and sound break up or glitch i dont see any lines just a glitch sometimes it goes to the blank screen where it will display HDMI 1 2 OR 3 before pic comes back on so its like cable or xbox or blue ray have been turned off before tv but there not turning off as they dont reset , then when i use the tv to watch bbc iplayer or any streaming app on its smart menu its absolutely fine also fine when i stream through my phone to my tv its no issue just when im using any HDMI sources i get flickering, please help

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