The Epson Artisan 1430 is a color inkjet photo printer.

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My printer is not recognizing the OEM cartrigdes

My Epson 1430W is making a werid problem. I had a failure with my printhead and motherboard, I replaced both. The problem was that it was not recognizing the cartridges. But after the replace of those parts is still giving me the failure.

It recognizes when I put 1 by 1 of the cartridges, but on the 6th it gives me the error. I checked the fuse F1 and its good. The board and the printhead are brand new

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It does not allow me to do the update, it sends me an error. Any thoughts?

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If you can post the error message it will be helpful. On printer display or computer etc.

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I fixed my non-functional Epson printer with this procedure….

This may or may not correct the problem you are seeing.

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