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iPhone 7 Plus home button doesn’t work, no damage found

Hi, I have an iPhone 7 Plus here. The home button is not working. Both the return function and fingerprint don’t work. Upon further check, I didn’t find any damage to the home button. No cut or rip on the flex. The flex is in good condition. According to the customer, the home button has never been replaced before.

My question is: will replace/reball the turtle IC (U10) on the flex make the home button work? Since both return function and fingerprint don’t work, I really don’t want to waste my time if there is no hope. Any help would be appreciated.

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Replacing the U10/Turtle IC will only help you with the “click” function, not with the Touch ID.

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Hi Minho, thanks for the answer. Then there is no point to replace the U10. I guess the only option left is to get a JC copy home button from China and enable Bluetooth to use the return function.

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Well, between a real HB with the "click" fixed via U10 and a JC button needing Bluetooth, I would prefer a repaired HB myself.

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Yes I know. But the problem is that in my case the Touch ID doesn’t work as well (even though there is no damage on the flex). Whenever turning on the phone, the “touch ID can’t be activated on this phone” message comes up straightaway. So replacing the U10 probably won’t bring the return function back.

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