Entry level Epson printer released in 2012.

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Why are the ink and paper lights still flashing after changing my ink

I have changed my ink cartridge on my printer but it is still flashing and says that my ink/toner needs changing. How do I stop this flashing. I’m not sure if the paper light is flashing too so I I'm wondering if the ink pads are full.

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Classic symptom of the waste ink pad being saturated on the LCD-less Epson printers. This can be reset on many of them since you can usually purchase a reset key for most printers, but not all of them. The key can be purchased here, but can also be found from other places as well.

While it can be reset, you MUST modify the printer with an external tank (requires fittings and Super Glue on the waste ink eject hole in this chassis) or buy a new pad. Cleaning it is generally not worth the mess it creates.

I’m not worried about the warranty on this since this isn’t covered by Epson as it’s a wear item and this model is 8 years old.

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