Repair guides for portable MP3 players. These devices play back stored music from hard drives or flash memory.

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M3p is full?Says -Empty Disk- but wont let me open to listen to or del

how do I fix this or can I?

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Borne model for M3p

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What is the model of MP3 Player?

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Hi @tuscaloosa666 ,

Is it a Borne MP390B by any chance?

When you connect the player to to a PC what files etc are shown for the drive in Windows Explorer?

If no files are being shown either then the file system in the mp3 player is most likely corrupt and you cannot retrieve the files.

try reformatting the mp3 player drive using the Format menu in the player and starting again by loading a new mp3 file and see if it works for that one file etc.

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Use the Check Disk tool on any Windows PC.

How to fix a corrupt hard drive using built-in Windows CMD tools and other options?

The Check Disk utility we use for repairing corrupt flash drives and SD cards also works for mp3 players. It can be accessed in the Properties of a connected drive . For hard drive recovery, you also use Check Disk or chkdsk using the command line:

1.To start the corrupted device repair process, open Command Prompt in Admin mode (Right-click Start button and click Command Prompt (Admin)).

2.Type the following command to start the error checking and fixing process for your internal or external drive:

chkdsk D: /F

 where D is the drive letter assigned to the. MP3 .

 You can add more options to the command to make the scan process more rigorous.

chkdsk D: /F /X /R


 /X If required, it forces the volume to dismount before the scan.

 /R Locates bad sectors and recovers readable data.

3.Press Enter.

4.Wait till the Check Disk utility repairs your hard drive for errors.

Chkdsk might not be a fool-proof solution but it works in many cases and might help you repair your device without formatting

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