Released on March 3rd, 2017, the Nintendo Switch is a handheld that can be played on the TV or on the go.

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How do you remove screws that are stuck but not stripped?

I’m trying to self-replace the joycon rail on the left joycon, and have run into a problem. The phillips-head screw on the rail is stuck on really hard, and will not spin no matter how hard I try pushing with my screwdriver. The screw is not stripped. How do I get the screw out without damaging the electronic parts?

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Using a larger diameter bit holder-handle will give you more torque to help move it. Make sure the bit is the correct one that fits all the way into the screw head. There new several types of handles, some have holes in the handle (fourth down) that will allow you to insert another small driver to add torque (essentially turning the driver into a turnkey.

What are you currently using?


It’s really hard to do repair jobs with the proper tools. iFixit offers a couple of very good kits for the beginners and of course fine kits for the advanced. Here’s a couple you might consider:

Essential Electronics Toolkit - Refurbished

64 Bit Driver Kit - Refurbished

Here are the other available kits:

Essential Electronics Toolkit - Refurbished 이미지


Essential Electronics Toolkit - Refurbished


64 Bit Driver Kit - Refurbished 이미지


64 Bit Driver Kit - Refurbished


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J00 screw bit appears to have the best fit for these screws. I ended up stripping the joycon screws due to using PH00 instead.

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I'm currently using a tiny one used for eyeglasses and such. I don't know the model.

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