Repair and troubleshooting information for the Suzuki FA50 Moped.

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gas line top or bottom on gas tank

I pulled the cables from the gas tank and the petcock and was wondering if it made a difference on which way they went on?

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I would think that bottom would be the way to go due to gravity etc. Anyhow here is the service manual for your moped, download it and get it going again. Let us know how it is going to work out. Good Luck

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There are two hoses on the gas tank of the FA50. The lower one goes to the reserve section on the petcock and the higher one goes to the normal setting on the petcock.

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so yes it does matter.

as said, one is the main line, the other is for your reserve.

the easy fix is see how it goes. if you get it wrong the fuel tap will be on reserve when it says "on" and will be on "on" when it says reserve.

unusually there is not an "off" for the fuel tap.

would be useful if they'd have put one in at the factory.

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