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Laser printer made by HP. Uses the 12A toner cartridge, which produces 2,000 pages at 5% coverage. Rated at 15 PPM.

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Prints black which I can clean by my finger!


I disassembled an HP P1006 printer and cleaned all parts and elements including the gears, etc.

So I re-assembled the printer again and connected to power supply.

Now I’m sending print commands to the printer, I can receive and interpret the print command, feed the paper successfully.

Now the problem is in the results, after printing, it just prints toner (maybe raw toner) on the paper, and you can clean it by hand!!!

Some more info:

The resulted paper is a little bit hot.

Paper smells abnormally.

Printed paper has lots of white dots and holes inside it.

Please see the photos which I’ve taken and uploaded.

P.S. I’ve posted HP P1006 topic inside HP 1012 because there isn’t any HP P1006 topin in forum.

Best regards.

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The negative High Voltage are not present will results uncooked toner, print out will not come out right,

you might miss something , if you have patience try to dismantle it again and carefully check everything and it should be all in proper place., check all connectors, sensors, check also the fuser assembly connectors.

have a nice day.

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Have you tried a new toner? Also, the fuser is more than likely gone bad and needs to be replaced. When the fuser goes bad it doesn’t melt the toner to the paper properly. I’d order a maintenance kit for this printer.

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Thanks a lot for the response, I re-assembled the printer from scratch and the problem solved! maybe I had some problems in assembling.

By the way, the new problem I've faced after re-assembling is that I don't have good quality in black pages, I mean when I print some pages with black boxes and holes, the printer cannot print them properly. but when I print just text, it's quality is perfect.

Do you have any suggestions?

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