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Apple은 MacBook Air 13"를 2017년 6월에 새로운 Broadwell Intel Core i5 프로세서로 업데이트하여 성능과 배터리 수명을 약간 향상시켰습니다.

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Very dim brightness after water spillage

After water spillage, mac suddenly shutdown and fan started to rotate on full speed. After 2 days I tried to power on the mac but it didn't wake up only I heared startup sound for about 1 second then it shut down again again.

So I started to power on by using command + shift + P+R, it started but brightness on display is very low. And nothing happens by pressing F1 & F2 key.

Can anybody help me?

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Being a liquid damage it involves hardware, thus there’s not much one can do at a distance to help, it will need technical assistance and probably a component level repair or a logic board replacement. Meantime avoid trying to use the Mac and disconnect the battery as soon as possible..the more electricity flows in the machine the worst the damage will be. If you want to try cleaning the board by yourself here’s a guide that will help you take the correct steps:

MacBook water damage - The definitive guide

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