Why won't my Chromebook turn on anymore?

Yesterday I recently temporarily changed the MAC address on my chromebook using Crosh, I was told once it powered off then the MAC address would change back. Then I used crouton to turn on my Ubuntu duel boot, and closed my laptop for later while I did chores. But when I was done, and I opened it, it stayed on for a split second then completely went blank. I tried to even enter it into recovery mode thinking I messed up by having two different MAC addresses somehow, one from the Ubuntu and one from Chrome OS, but it wouldn't enter recovery mode. None of the lights will turn on or flash at the bottom. I'm wondering if the battery could just be really dead, because the thing was turned on and left alone for like a week prior without receiving any charge, however, when I plug it in, the blue light at the bottom won't even turn on to indicate anything, and, before it shut down it showed like 80% charge and I was able to power it off and on again twice before. Did I end up bricking my laptop, or is it just incredibly dead, or did the battery fail and just be a hardware issue?

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