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2014년 9월 19일에 출시된 이 5.5” 스크린 iPhone은 iPhone 6의 큰 버전입니다.

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My screen suddenly stops touching and it starts flickering grey

My screen suddenly stops touching  and  it starts flickering grey stuff on the screen, while this happens I cannot use the touchscreen, and stuff just sytarts typing or touching on its own, I have to bend or press the screen and phone before it disappears and it starts touching again, sometimes but rarely does it disappear on its own. I have had the phone for a year, and this started a few weeks ago. I gave it to a repair guy who charged me a large sum for it, he said it was a faulty motherboard, he took it and brought it back saying it’s been fixed, I didn’t see the problem for a week and then the problem started again, I called him up and he said I should change the motherboard, but it’s very costly. Could it be the screen? Should I change the screen? please let me know what the issue could be. Please help

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Whoever charged you a large sum has scammed you, they have most likely done a reflow or a similar botched repair in the hopes that it fixes the touch IC issue.

This should of been a permanent fix which involves running a jumper under the M1 pad for the touch IC chip for at around $80-$160 for touch IC repair.

I recommend getting your money back and going to another store that is more reputable.

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Hi thanks for answering, could you please put it in simpler terms, I’m sorry

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Basically the grey vertical lines at the top of the screen indicate there is a problem from the touch screen controller chip which is on the logic board.

The person that tried to repair it did a reflow which is re-melting the solder joints under that touch IC chip which is not the solution to fixing this problem properly. While it may fix it, it will resurface again sooner or later.

The proper fix would be to remove that chip, adding a jumper wire to the M1 pad to re-inforce connection between the chip and the logic board (this is a pad that commonly breaks off under the touch IC chip) then either adding that chip back on or putting a new touch IC chip on.

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Okay I understand, thank you very much

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