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Battery part number doesn't exist on HP partsurfer


So I've been having problems with my laptop recently. The laptop isn't even that old (bought it on Oct 2017) but the battery is already showing its age. Symptoms are it'd stop charging randomly but it will resume itself and when I play a game with high performance battery profile it would just instantly die when it hits a certain battery level, as low as 30% and a few days ago it died on 70% battery. I was considering to purchase a replacement so I checked the battery part number on HP partsurfer but the battery for that laptop was listed as 919701-850, while what is printed on my battery is 919682-121 which doesn't exist on the list:

Is it possible the battery that is currently inside my laptop a refurbished product or worse a counterfeit?

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Hi @auburn_dl ,

You may just have had a compatible battery installed.

Searching online using the part number 919682-121 only, shows plenty of results that it is a genuine HP battery part number at least.

Here’s just one link that shows the specifications of the battery (part # 919682-121) as a Genuine HP 919682-121 battery with the following specifications

Battery Type: Li-ion

Battery Capacity: 2850mAh, 41Wh

Cells Amount: 4-Cells,

These specifications are nearly the same as for the battery part number 919701-850 shown on p.32 of the service manual. The battery capacity in your battery is fractionally greater by 50mAH, although maybe the service manual doesn’t go to 2 decimal places ;-)

Battery Type: Li-ion

Battery Capacity: 2.8Ah, (2800mAH), 41Wh

Cells Amount: 4-Cells

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