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2015년 9월 25일 출시. Model A1688/A1633. 수리는 이전 모델과 유사하며 스크류 드라이버 및 비집는 도구가 필요합니다. GSM 또는 CDMA / 6, 64, 또는 128GB / 은색, 금색, 스페이스 그레이 및 로즈 골드로 제공하였습니다.

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What is the best iPhone battery replacent for an iPhone 6s?

What is the best aftermarket battery for an iphone 6s?

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I seen some guy on youtube bragging about Ohana batteries, but I just read the other guys comment and im discouraged from oredering from Amazon. Did you get it replaced?

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iFixit has a well earned reputation for quality replacement batteries and they offer a great warranty on them. Several wholesalers (MobileSentrix, Injured Gadgets, UnionRepair) have also stepped up their game in regards to batteries but I don’t know if they will sell to the general public.

Generally speaking, avoid eBay and Amazon sellers as low quality batteries tend to get to market through those channels.

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