Transmission shifts erratically & speedo doesn't work

My transmission shifts hard and jumps in and out of gear. It has no power and the speedometer doesn't work. I have tried changing vss, tss, speedo gear, cable, checked trans plug connection, ran codes, changed plugs, cap, rotor, all fluids. Not sure if these 2 problems are related or not. On a few test rides the rear antilock light came on but only once or twice. I have tried clearing the computer. I have read that the over drive light will sometimes blink but that has never happened. I pulled the cluster and can see the cable turning when I drive. Also the speedo will turn if I spin it in my hand. The transmission did this when I got the truck and I brought it to a trans shop and they said it had no pressure and was shot. I got a rebuilt trans and installed it and it still does the same thing. I am at a total loss and am not sure what to do next. I was going to try and change ECM but at this point I am just throwing parts at it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Mike

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