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freezer is warm and fridge is warm

I have one that freezer is warm and fridge is warm. Compressor runs long time coil is clean, coil fan runs evaporator fan is running. Low on freon???

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Are the condenser coils warm?

Is there any oil on the condenser coils or compressor or on the floor under the fridge, indicating a leak in the sealed system? (oil is in with the refrigerant gas to lubricate the compressor).

It may be a lack of refrigerant or perhaps a faulty compressor.

Depending on your location, to comply with environmental laws and the handling of refrigerant gases, you may need to get a licensed refrigerator repair service to check the pressure in the sealed system which would help determine what the problem is.

What is the make and model number of the refrigerator if it is not as shown in the question above?

Most manufacturers only have a 12 month warranty on parts etc but have a 5 year warranty on the sealed system, including the compressor.

If your fridge is not that old it may be worthwhile to check the warranty ;-)

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