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Ride on Car tire issue

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My son has a Kids Motorz 12-volt Mercedes Benz G55 AMG ride on car. Its tire, that is made of plastic material has cracked 2/3 in the center along the circumference. What’s the best way to fuse it.

Update (04/25/2019)

Hi Augustine,

First of all , appreciate you taking the time to respond to this query. PFA a front view and top view that shows the slit.

Per my research looks like epoxy might not work here.

I'm sure these pictures will give a better idea of the situation .

Thanks ,


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Hi @cljoseph

Im not able to see the pictures, mind sharing it again?

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Hi Augustine, attaching it again, however, Im able to see it on the website.

In case you arent still able to view it, let me know if I can share it on your email



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Hi @cljoseph

See if any folks here have a better idea to fix this...

No worries, we are here just trying to help out,

I think aradite rapid is too fast, 5 min cure time.

Use epoxy like aradite standard with 90 mins cure time.

so you have more time to work on filling the gaps.

Perhaps loan a long F clamp from your friends,

straighten paper clip and use the epoxy mix to fill up the gaps on it.

use a F clamp to hold the tyre together in between.

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Hi @cljoseph

Do you have some pictures.....

Im thinking of this to work on...

some thing maybe to work... like putting duct tape e.g. gorilla tape to hold the pieces while adding the eposy adhesive to bond together.

for added strength inside maybe to add gorilla tape inside the body to hold, it is recommended to leave the duct tape there to hold them.

for the outer frame , once it has been bonded, maybe around 24 hours, use a glass paper to sand down the imperfection…and use spray paint to cover up / rework.

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