Phone not connecting to wifi

My phone is not connecting to my home Wi-Fi I factory reset my phone and router and reset network setting I wanna know we're is the Wi-Fi switch on the motherboard yes because I took the phone apart and one of my neighbor saying that the switch all the Wi-Fi switch is on the motherboard where it controls everything

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Perhaps you should ask your neighbour where it is.

I've never seen a mechanical 'switch' that manually controls the WiFi on a mobile phone systemboard.

Are you sure that they didn't mean a "software" switch in the WiFi controller chip that effectively turns the WiFi controller on and off as opposed to a mechanical switch that can be manually operated?

Is the WiFi setting indicating that the WiFi is being turned on?

If not then there may be a problem with the WiFi controller on the systemboard.

If it turns on OK are you getting any networks showing in the list of available networks?

Have you tried placing the phone as close as possible to the router to see if the network appears and that you can connect to it?

Has the phone been dropped or gotten wet at all?

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