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Samsung의 주력 휴대폰 Galaxy S8. 2017년 4월 출시.

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What is this small piece that fell out of my S8?

I was right in the middle of a full display with frame swap and while I was unscrewing the charging board, I turned the phone over facing down to try to get a screw out and I noticed two pieces fell out. I knew it wasn't two screws because I only do one at a time. When I looked, it seems like some kind of pulley system or rolling part, See picture. The black part feels and looks like plastic while the gray part feels like rubber. I've never seen a part like this and I'm a little OCD about having spare parts at the end of repairing a phone that has never been opened. What is this thing? Please help!

Block Image

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That’s a spacer that goes into the hole for the sim tray. When you use a sim ejection tool it presses into that spacer which presses into the sim release lever. You can just press it back into the hole from the outside of the frame.

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It fits. How do you even know that? I've never seen a guide or parts list that has that in it.

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