My GE Spacemaker 2.0 JVM2070BH02 has a non-responsive touch screen

The touch screen was intermittent, now it’s consistently non-responsive. The other 3 buttons on the bottom (vent, boost,light) are all illuminated and working fine. Scree does light up when I use any of those OR open door but is then non-responsive and times out.

I understand it may well need a replacement touch screen p/n WB07X10973. My question is .. can someone who’s done this before please comment on the level of difficulty and/or highlight any pitfalls. I’ve had it dis-assembled to the point where that was the only thing still in the control panel but, didn’t have a replacement part on hand and was still hoping it would come back to life (start working again) as it had before.

Please Advise. Thanks, Ron

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