Replacment screen not working, going wild.


I have a problem with my Xiaomi Mi A1 replacement screen. I bought one from the internet (decent prize, problably not a chineese copy), but it had problem registering touches. On some places of the screen, there is no touch, at some it is going wild and pressing at 4-5 random places on the screen. I thought the problem is with the replacement screen so i orderd another one. The same problem is still standing with the new screen.

I have tried searching the internet form answers but i have not found anything useful for my problem. I have tried hard reseting the phone but it did not work. The phone is still working perfectly with the old, broken screen, but not with the two replacement screens.

I have inserted some photos of the problem and uploaded a video on YouTube showing the problem here:

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

I hope someone has an idea on what is going on.

Thank you for your help,

Ákos Horváth

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Determining the brands of the screen is most important and determine if it is an EXACT match and compatible as the manufacturer would say. Seeing how it is a Chinese phone company the issue is that you most likely still got a clone as they are Chinese and most likely used something difficult to source to avoid the public fixing the phones themselves, or even worse proprietary.

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