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모델 A1278, 2012년 6월 출시. Turbo Boost가있는 Intel 프로세서, 최대 512 MB DDR5 비디오 RAM

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Breathe new life to MacBook Pro mid 2012

My magsafe charging port on my mac is going out so I figure while I’m in there replacing it, I ought to do what I can to bring some new life to the computer. My computer has been pretty laggy, very slow to boot, the general old laptop woes… I plan on replacing the CPU thermal compound and I already upgraded the RAM to 16GB. Besides that, is there anything relatively simple I could do to help speed things up?

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The best speed increase you can achieve would be by replacing the original drive with an SSD, that would be even more noticeable than the RAM upgrade. Considering present SSD prices at a minumum in years time the ugrade would come pretty cheap, really worth the small investment. Other than that there’s nothing more you can do beside cleaning heatsink and replacing thermal paste.

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