Will changing S8 cpb board fix wireless/hard wire no charge condition?

Have a Galaxy S8 that never really synced well when plugged into my mac laptop. Few days ago I was plugged into my laptop and noticed the phone was not charging (even though charge symbol showed on phone). While using the phone it finally went down to 1%. I unplugged the phone and it finally went to 0% and finally died. Figured I needed to re-calibrate the battery anyway, and tried to charge again to 100%.

Both hard wire with usb and wireless charging will not charge the phone. The wireless charger recognizes the phone, but the phone does not charge. All means of recovery tried even through Samsung corporate who diagnosed the phone as DOA, needing complete refurb.

Question is, if I replace the CPB board, would that alone fix the charging condition, or is the motherboard fried as I’m led to believe (since wireless charging does not work either)? Trying all means to jump start the phone so I can extract needed files and wipe clean. I do notice that if I both plug the phone in, and have it on the wireless charger, it will get slightly warm after 12hrs.

Thank you!!

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Might be both a broken charging port and a bad battery. You could replace these yourself but I'd always advice to go to a repair shop who can do this for you.

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